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Mobile DJ and MC (Click here for pics)

We provide top of the line sound and lighting equipment. Making any announcements needed and  armed with a massive music library and access to multiple online services right inside our DJ software. We can take care of any mobile DJ need!


Dance floor lighting (Click here for pics)

Our premium lighting software SoundSwitch is integrated with our DJ software meaning that the lights are always in movement, pulsing or color changing in perfect time with the beat of the music. When the music slows down, colors get softer and movement is slower. This makes for a great atmosphere and big energy. But if that's not your style, they can be toned down and customized to your liking.


Up lighting is a very popular lighting effect created by strategically placing the lights on the floor and pointing them up. Our lights are wireless meaning a much cleaner look without trip hazards. The batteries last up to 18 hours on one charge. They can be set to any color, color scheme you prefer or a simple slow fade. During dance time they will also be in sync with the music as described in the dance floor lighting section. All lighting is completely customizable on the fly to your liking. They can have more action or be toned down down with full in booth lighting control.


Wedding Ceremonies (Click here for pics)

We provide discrete yet effective sound, mics (wireless handheld and clip on) and play music from pre-ceremony through the end. We work with musicians to run through our sound if needed. We keep everything out of sight as much as possible. When necessary we have a completely wireless option for a cleaner look and in areas without power.

Ceremonies and up-lighting

Cold Sparkler Fountains (Click here for pics)

Light up your exit by choosing a package with or adding on to any other package with our sparkler fountain machines service. This makes for great pictures and a beautiful moment. This a highly requested feature.


Custom Monogram Projection

With thousands of designs to choose from and a customizable builder tool, you can have a monogram projected on the main floor, on the wall, entrance area or anywhere you'd like. This can be a company logo as well. If you can dream it, we can design it!

sparklers and monogram

Music Video Mixing

Remember MTV? Throw Down Sound's music collection is actually about 95% music videos. With the addition of the HD video display or a venue with the ability to plug in to a projector, you can not only HEAR the music but you can SEE it. If you have never seen a video DJ set, it's a lot of fun.

1000077299 (683×1024).jpg

HD Display for Slideshows

We can create a slideshow for you or display one of yours on an HD video display. We use a sleek design square base, single pole TV stand for a cleaner look and  to eliminate trip hazards that come along with the use of tripods that are often used.

HD display


Karaoke is available as an add on or we can simply host a karaoke dance party or karaoke night at bar locations.


Live Band Stage Sound and Lights

Throw Down Sounds is able to provide stage sound and/or stage lighting for small to medium sized bands and stages. We are more than happy to speak with you about your needs to see if it's something that we feel comfortable taking on.

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